The Artful Stampers Blog Hop Challenge #72

Hi Everyone 

If you have hopped on over from Tamsin's blog welcome!

This week we have a theme set for our challenge, and the theme is: 

I  was bit stuck as to what to do for this week's challenge as, my range of number stuff from Stampin' Up is very limited. I had thought about using punches to make numbers or even cutting my own numbers out by hand (which I could tell would be a disaster without even trying!). But then I remembered I had Project Life, which means the accessory kits have number stickers! and that is where my idea came from. 

This week I have for you a Project Life spread- one that is close to my heart. I decided to go back and pick a bunch of group photos from when I was younger, from birthdays and school events and do a timeline type spread, here is the end result. I'm in love. 

It's nothing flash, just something very simple. I used the Let's Get Away card collection and accessory kit, to create this spread entirely. 

First I chose the photos then, chose all the cards, then added embellishments and journaling. It took me an hour all together. 

This spread is dedicated to my late friend Natasha, who was tragically killed in a car crash in December 2014. Tash was always bright and bubbly and always had a smile on her face!, and that Is what I wanted this spread to be, bright and happy. I think she would have loved this. 

Here is a closeup of Page One: 

And Page Two: 

I hope you have enjoyed my project this week, and inspired you to try something new! 

Now let's hop along to Amanda to see what she has been up to this week! 

And as always here is a list of this week's participants:

See you next time!

Kathryn x


  1. This is just lovely a great tribute to a beautiful friend :-)

  2. Good on you for thinking outside of the box. I think it looks wonderful.

  3. Such a touching tribute to your dear friend! The pages are lovely!

  4. What a beautiful tribute, and such a lovely idea! Such treasured memories for you!

  5. These are so lovely...a beautiful tribute indeed. xx

  6. A great showcase of Project Life. I love it.


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